Our specials, as of 3/21/20, are:

Beef and Pork Specials!

*Please note the “Whole Beef Top Butt” and “Whole Beef Sirloin Strip” is the whole 10+ pound piece of meat that can be left whole or cut into specified thickness steaks.*

(Price/lb) Regular Price Special Price
Whole B/I Pork Loin $2.99 $2.19
Whole Beef Top Butts (NY Sirloin) $6.99 $6.09
NY Sirloin Steaks $8.49 $7.29
Whole Beef Sirloin Strip $11.99 $10.99
Strip Steaks $16.99 $13.99
Sirloin Tips $10.99 $8.99


We also have what others don’t; Packer-House Briskets and Pork Butts for those of you that smoke ’em!!