To better serve you, all livestock must have an appointment for processing. We are a small establishment and must adhere to a tight schedule. We recommend you call no later than June to be scheduled for a fall appointment.

For your convenience livestock can be trucked into FLAME. We will transport them to Blood Farm at no extra charge. YOU MUST ALREADY BE SCHEDULED.

Product not picked up within 5 business days will be subject to a storage fee.

Notice beef customers: Blood Farm will no longer accept any LONG HORN BEEF (Scotch Highlander, Texas Longhorn). In order for us to accept these beef, the horns must be removed or cut down short before arrival.

Notice lamb/goat customers: please make sure your animals are dry for the day of your appointment. If they are soaking wet we may not be able to process them for several days and you could be turned away. Thank you for your cooperation.

Livestock Schedule

Monday and Thursday Hogs 
Tuesday Sheep/Lambs/Goats
Wednesday and Friday  Beef/Veal 

Blood Farm will not accept any livestock we find too wild to be handled safely and humanely.

Cutting instructions are required before we will accept any livestock for slaughter. Cutting instruction form downloads are provided below:

It is important to fill out our cutting instruction form and bring it with you when delivering your animals. If we do not receive the filled out cutting instruction you may be turned away. If we accept your livestock without cutting instructions, it is your responsibility to get them to us. We will not call you—Your meat will be cut as a standard cut. Thank you for your understanding.

Livestock Tracking System

When your animal arrives at Blood Farm, you are met at the pen room door by a trained employee. They will assist you in unloading into our pens. Your animals go into their own pens. They are never corralled with other unfamiliar livestock. This avoids undo stress on the animal. Your name address and phone number are entered into a pen book that identifies your animal’s pen number. This identification will follow your livestock throughout the processing chain. There are numerous checks and balances in place to ensure that you receive the same product that you brought in.

Slaughter Prices Effective 10/01/2019

 Type Processed Price
Beef Yes $100.00
Beef No $135.00
Veal (Less than 250 lbs) Yes  $50.00
Veal No $60.00
Lamb/Sheep/Goat Yes  $40.00
Lamb/Sheep/Goat No $45.00
Hogs (Up to 250 lbs) Yes  $45.00
Hogs (250 lbs to 350 lbs) Yes  $50.00
Hogs (*350 lbs and up) Yes  $60.00
Hogs No  $50.00
Hogs (Over 200 lbs) No  $55.00

*Hogs over 350 lbs are subject to skinning if too big for de-hairing machine.

Processing Prices Effective 10/01/2019


  • $0.75 per lb, double wrapped freezer paper. We keep offal and hide.
  • Extra Pricing: Machine patties $0.50 per lb.
  • Rolled patties $0.25 per lb.
  • Vacuum packaging $0.40 per lb.
    • Custom animals, for your freezer, will not be vacuum packaged
  • Disposal $10.00


  • $0.70 per lb, double wrapped freezer paper.


  • $0.75 per lb, double wrapped freezer paper. We keep offal and pelt.
    • $30.00 minimum processing fee per carcass.
  • Disposal $5.00


  • $0.55 per lb, double wrapped freezer paper.
  • Extra Pricing: Linked Sausage $1.25 per lb (100lb minimum).
  • Extra Pricing: Vacuum packaging $0.40 per lb.
    • Custom animals, for your freezer, will not be vacuum packaged.
  • Disposal $7.00

Smoked Meat

  • Our smokehouse is Custom – which means your product is stamped “Not For Sale”.
    • Smoked Meat will not be vacuum packaged.
  • We cannot guarantee how much cure will be absorbed by your pork.
  • All curing and smoking is done at owners risk $1.15 per lb.
  • Slicing bacon $0.45 per lb.
  • Outside Smoking $1.35 per lb.