Welcome to Blood Farm. We are a 7 generation, family run, slaughter and processing facility. We started out helping our neighbors with the fall harvesting of their livestock. As cities and towns grew and more regulations were enacted we felt the need to evolve into a federal establishment, regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). There is a USDA inspector on site at Blood Farm Monday through Friday from 8:00am till 4:30pm. Ask your local grocery store how often they have a USDA inspector on site.


We carry a USDA Grant of Inspection, which is a requirement for farmers selling their meat at farm stands or to restaurant or stores. Blood Farm is operating under an approved HACCP Plan. (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) This means that we have identified the points in our operation that are critical to producing a safe, wholesome finished product, and have procedures and sanitation measures in place to ensure that we provide our customers with the highest quality product.

Retail Store

We started our retail store when farmers, who came to pick up their meat, asked if they could buy other meat for their freezers. Today we strive to keep Locally Raised product in our cases. However, due to high demand for quality meat we purchase from a local distributor. We guarantee that all the meat we provide is never adulterated with dyes or added fillers. To ensure you are getting the freshest product possible we freeze our meats as soon as they are packaged. Along with our awesome meat products we also offer chicken (whole and pieces), American cheese, and farm fresh eggs.

Smoke House

By far the best bacon and ham that you have ever tasted! During the holiday seasons of Easter and Christmas we provide hams to families all over the United States.

Still smoked the way Grandpa Ed used to, using real hickory shavings, never liquid smoke. Our smoked meats go through a long curing process, not a quick tumble. Then they get smoked long and slow to provide the best flavor possible.

Along with bacon and ham we also provide smoked shoulder, Canadian bacon, smoked pork chops, and your dog’s favorite—pig ears.


All livestock that enter our premises are subject to our Humane Handling Program to avoid stress on the animal. There is water available at all times, and if an animal needs to be housed overnight they are given food and shelter. We are operating under Humane Handling Guidelines and do not allow any livestock carriers to enter our establishment not considered humane animal transports.